GUNi conference, 19 -20 November 2018 in Barcelona

The GUNi International Conference on Humanities and Higher Education: Generating Synergies between Sciences, Technology and Humanities’ took place on November 19-20 2018 at the Science Museum “CosmoCaixa” in Barcelona. The event gathered representatives from different countries and from a wide range of areas disciplines in order to debate on the role of the humanities in the world. The Conference was also a space to exchange ideas and discussion on the challenges that society faces and will face in the 21st Century and the role humanities play in those challenges. The TEACHENER project was presented as one of the three cases and practical experiences of synergies between science, technology and humanities, together with Virginia Tech and MIT. A poster was also shown during the walking lunch, which raised the interest from different university and secondary school representatives. Further information of the conference can be found here.